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An all-in-one platform for intelligent analysis of security and compliance risks

In a world of rapidly growing cybersecurity threats understanding risk means more intelligent decision-making. Blockchain networks leverage iTrust to adapt their security program, deploy appropriate technology, and plan future investments.

Identify, mitigate and manage blockchain security risks.

iTrust Platform

The most intelligent platform for analysis of blockchain security
and compliance risks.

platform capabilities

360° Blockchain Security and Compliance Visibility

Network Security

Analyze vulnerabilities on exposed network services

DNS Resilience

Assess DNS configs and anti-spoofing defenses

Hacker Threat Analysis

Monitor underground hacker sites and the dark web

Breach Metrics

Identify known breaches and remediation responses

Patching Cadence

Measure patch management and response rates over time

Web Application Security

Analyze web app vulnerabilities through scanning, intercepting proxies, and web crawlers

Compliance Status

Track compliance status (GDPR,PCI, FedRAMP, HIPAA, etc.)


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Why Choose Us

Why iTrust

iTrust provides cybersecurity risk ratings and risk intelligence to help build trusted and secure blockchain infrastructure. iTrust collects and analyzes security risk metrics across the blockchain to deliver security and compliance visibility. iTrust is the leading platform for blockchain security and threat intelligence.

iTrust 360°​

Complete panoramic view of blockchain security risks

Node Security Assessment

Real-time infrastructure security visibility


Identify vulnerabilities in your blockchain infrastructure and dApps

Blockchain Security Risk Assessment

A proactive approach to understanding blockchain security risks