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iTrust Blockchain Security Risk Assessment

Node Security Audit

Automated cyber security detection tools perform comprehensive blockchain security node scanning.

Cybersecurity Threat Modeling

Threat modeling of the specific security vulnerabilities associated with a blockchain network design.

Blockchain Infrastructure 360֯ Independent Risk Assessment

iTrust’s automated security scanner provides the highest level of detection of infrastructure vulnerabilities.

External Threat Assessment

iTrust monitors underground hacker sites and dark web, gathering intel on target information. Using all available information iTrust prevents and minimizes external threats on 97%.

Improve the security of your blockchain environment

Improvement and upgrade of individual blockchain nodes security level

Risk mitigation and remediation strategy

Analyze vulnerabilities across your blockchain infrastructure

how it works

Blockchain private
network security
audit scheme

Node Security Metrics

iTrust Rating

Independent Rating

Network Security

Patching Cadence

DNS Resilience

Hacker Threat Analysis

Breach Metrics

Perimeter Security


Blockchain Network
Security Subsections

Network Security​

Blockchain consists of a network of nodes, as such it is important to keep the blockchain network secure.

Blockchain Accounts

Private blockchains rely on carefully administered blockchain accounts for much of their security infrastructure.

Blockchain Stakeholder

To securely manage blockchain accounts and sensitive votes, blockchain organizations should distribute a carefully controlled number of stakeholder accounts that are authorized to participate in votes on the issuance of validator permissions.


Blockchain networks are potentially large and have thousands of nodes participating. All of these systems are exposed to security risks to some extent. It is vital that the activity on the blockchain network is monitored.

Software Versions

It is also advisable to keep data about the involved software and hardware versions associated with the device or system. By tracking the Patching Cadence metric, the security vulnerability becomes known, and the affected devices can be easily and quickly identified.

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